November 28 is #GivingTuesday, a national day of generosity and charitable giving.  This is a day when you, our supporters, can make a direct impact through the Valley Fever Americas Foundation by supporting our ongoing effort to #ConquerCocci through raising awareness and funds to support the development of a potential VACCINE and hopefully CURE for this terrible disease.


This year, our organization has a very specific goal in mind for Giving Tuesday.


A potential Valley Fever CURE called NikkomycinZ is being developed, which has already proven capable of eradicating the Cocci spores from mice infected with Valley Fever.


There is presently no vaccine OR cure for Valley Fever, and current forms of treatment often present severe and sometimes unbearable side effects, meaning that many mild to mid-mild cases of Valley Fever cannot be effectively treated.  State data predicts that 2017 could be the worst year of Valley Fever in decades, with over 5,000 cases diagnosed by October of this year.


Only money is standing in the way of getting NikZ to the point where it can be tested in humans.  If our community can join forces this Tuesday in raising the remaining $200,000 needed to carry out human trials, we would be one major step closer to finding a CURE for Valley Fever and saving countless lives across Kern County and all other endemic areas.



So, how can you take part?  Here are a few simple suggestions for anyone interested in joining us tomorrow for #GivingTuesday:


  • Consider making a monetary donation to help fund NikZ trials and development
  • Share this fundraiser with anyone in our community affected by Valley Fever who might in interested in joining forces with VFAF to #ConquerCocci
  • Help us get the word out on social media using @ValleyFeverVFAF (Twitter) and @valleyfeveramericas (Instagram) and the hashtag #GivingTuesday
  • Share your Valley Fever Story with our Facebook community or on our website
  • Take some time today to inform yourself and others of the symptoms of Valley Fever
  • Use this day to do something kind for another person


Thank you for being a part of this work!  With your support, we can continue to push forward on our mission to wipe out Valley Fever and #ConquerCocci.