Join us on August 10, 2019 for our 8th annual

Walk for Valley Fever Awareness!

Photo: 100+ Survivors OF VALLEY FEVER at last year’s Walk

Each year, our Walk takes place at early Saturday morning at Kern County Museum’s Pioneer Village.  Last year, we saw our greatest turnout yet, with over 600 participants and an incredible 100+ Survivors of Valley Fever .  We are looking forward to making 2018 our largest event yet.

The first Walk was put on in an effort to show Dr. Hans Einstein the incredible community of survivors, supporters, friends and families that had come together thanks to the pioneering work of himself and many others in the study of Valley Fever.  After the Walk ended, Dr. Einstein’s daughters called to share with him what a success the event had been.  Dr. Einstein passed away later that day.

This year, our walk will be held on August 10, the anniversary of Dr. Einstein’s passing and of our first ever Walk for Valley Fever Awareness.  To honor his incredible life and invaluable contributions to Valley Fever treatment and research, we to bring together more of our community than ever for this very special occasion.

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For more information on our 2019 Walk for Valley Fever Awareness, contact us at [email protected]